CEPIS – Centro de Educação Popular do Instituto Sedes Sapientiae (Centre of Popular Education) is a centre involved in the training and politico-pedagogical consultation in the field of popular education. Historically it has become one of the means by which the humanist commitment of Instituto Sedes Sapientiae is realized in proximity to the popular classes, in the quest for a society freed of domination.

CEPIS was created and is defined as a consultation for the authentic processes of struggle and organization of the oppressed class and social sectors that suffer from distinct forms of domination or oppression and that are willing to alter the structures of the exploitation society from it´s roots:

  • Consultation, for there is no intention of having direct representation or to compete with the movements which are the reason of its existence;
  • Together with, representing complicity, which implies more than a technical and punctual consultation;
  • Legitimate process of struggle for it considers all organizations as a tool;
  • Of the class of the oppressed and the social sectors who suffer from distinct forms of domination or oppression, to highlight the subject and the direction of the struggle.

In this mission – partly as a “midwife”, partly as a service render – it intends to understand, follow and participate in the trajectory and qualification of the militants of the social movements, to facilitate the articulation of practices.